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AZM Engineering Ltd. Driving technology out of the past and into the future

Welcome to the new AZM Engineering website.

Please note: our land line is currently experiencing problems.
If you would like to contact us, please call us on: 07762 266 6922.
We apologies for any inconvenience.

We have a Technical blogs section, where we post news and information on various projects and technologies that we are involved orĀ are interested in, as well as our own technical projects that we work on.

We still restore classic cars from time to time, and when they are ready for sale, we list them in the Sales section.

  • EV – Electric technology

    We are currently working with a Tokyo-based e-bike racing team. EV – Electric technology >

  • Technical view

    Our ideas and opinions on all things automotive Technical view >

  • Bio-diesel

    We are searching for an economically and ecologically viable source of fuel. (blog missing) Bio-diesel >

  • Racing

    AZM's racing projects Racing >

  • Classic cars for sale

    A small but beautiful selection of lovingly restored classic cars for sale Classic cars for sale >